Georgie is the newest addition to our family. In early fall I got the idea in my head to foster a kitten. I can’t remember why but all of a sudden it was like GET.ME.A.FOSTER.KITTY.NOW! ROWR.

Now, Jr. Stac and I are not cat people by any means. We’ve never had cats and we, admittedly, hated on them like a good portion of the population. You know…they smell…they’re creepy…and omgdogsaresomuchbetter(!)

But something inside told me to foster a kitten. And that’s what we did. And although there is a¬†quite funny and lengthy story involving his adoption (that I will share soon) he is here now, and he is ours.

His name is Georgie and he has forever changed us into not anti-cat people.

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