Murphy, our Boston terrier, was born on October 3, 2007 in the heart of South Jersey. Jr. Stac and I met him exactly 8 days later when we went to look at all the pups and put a deposit on one at the breeder (don’t worry–we rescued the other two ;) ). Murphy was the runt of the litter, and the only puppy with unusual markings—he was nearly all black. For whatever reason, I had just assumed we wouldn’t take the runt, and I knew we wanted a boy, so in my head I already had it narrowed down to two puppies. While I was trying to decide which one we wanted, Jr. Stac was like “Lish, what about him?” and pointed to the runt. I swear, as soon as my eyes looked down I knew he was ours. Seven weeks later we brought home our little runt, Murphy.

Murphy at 4 weeks

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We don’t have kids yet, so bare with me. We are one of “those” couples.

Murphy has the most distinct, funniest personality. He is completely OCD. He cries and cries when his toys are trapped under the couch, he refused to play with balls or Frisbees that are dirty, and he even cries when he is tired and wants you to go to bed with him.

He gives us incessant kisses and uses his paws to keep our faces turned where he wants. He loves to sleep late, and always, under the covers.

Murphy has look!

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His trademark move is to randomly fall on the floor out of exhaustion. He also is the most non-athletic dog that’s ever lived. He is my favorite.

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