Our CSA, more than just fresh food

This is the first year Jr. Stac and I signed up for a winter CSA (usually stands for Community Shared Agriculture, but in our case it’s Community Supported Agriculture).

We live in the middle of America’s sixth largest city, Philadelphia, and love city living. Our dogs have never pooped on grass, falling asleep to silence would just be creepy, and I still don’t get how people get all their errands done when they have to drive to the dry cleaners, pharmacy, and wine store. Ours are all downstairs.

But as much as we love living in a bustling city with 1.5 million other people, we also enjoy having excuses to wear our awesome new matching bean boots, eating organically, and letting the dogs freely explore nature. So when I found out that Philly is the home to the largest urban farm in the country, I knew the crunchy side of us needed to go check it out.

And I am so happy we did! Greensgrow is AWESOME.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They prove that “abandoned land is only abandoned if we choose to leave it that way.” It’s a bunch of neighborhood folks who turned an old abandoned steel plant into a vibrant nursery, farm stand, and CSA program.  They sell Christmas trees (and run a tree recycling program) in the winter, host a fun Subaru festival in the fall (where we get VIP parking because we drive a Subie thank you very much), and send out e-mails full of quips in a witty but friendly tone. love them.

I always look forward to going to pick up our share, which is also a great deal. Every other Saturday for 20 weeks (December thru April), we get to pick up fresh produce, cheese, milk, breads, and meats. Always local, always delish.

Today’s share included:
Baby Arugula
Asian Pears
Sweet Potatoes
Jar of homemade apple butter (my favorite)
Dark Northern Red Wheat Flour
Cheese (this kind)
2 Peach yogurts
A dozen eggs
Chicken sausages with feta and fresh spinach
Rack of baby back ribs (not part of the CSA this week, but we picked some up for the Superbowl tomorrow)

The goods look so yummy and I can’t wait to see what Jr. Stac whips up for meals. (I’m a lucky girl–he is the chef of the house.) Going to Greensgrow is always a highlight of our week not just because of all the fresh food, but also because the people there are so damn cool. Super nice, and make you feel at home.

Here are some pics from our (very wet) pickup this morning.

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North Port Fishington Cookie Factory–all vegan, no bleached flours or sugars. So good!

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Our cute check out guy!

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We broke our glass milk jug last week and owed $2 :(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I feel very lucky to have Greensgrow so close and to part of their community. So what about you? Do you have a CSA you love?

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