Draft Birth Plan–comments appreciated!

For my Bradley Birth Class, I need to submit a birth plan tonight. Since we are planning a homebirth, my instructor suggested that I write my plan assuming a hospital transfer as that is when it will most likely come in handy. Take a look at what I put together and let me know if you see room for improvement or something I overlooked. (Writing it made me really happy we are planning to NOT have to use it!)

Lish and Jr. Stac’s Birth Plan (In case of a hospital transfer)


  • Our goal is to have a healthy, natural, intervention-free birth, followed by non-separation.
  • People to be present: Jr.Stac, the dad; Ellen, our doula, Kathy, our midwife; and my parents. We would like as many people to stay with us as allowed.
  • If interventions are suggested we would like a full disclosure of all risks and benefits associated with the intervention and the R&B of NOT doing the intervention.

Labor preferences:

  • I want to be able to eat and drink freely
  • I prefer intermittent fetal monitoring and no IV so I can move freely
  • Please do not offer any pain medicine.
  • I want to use water as a comfort mechanism (want access to bath and/or shower)
  • I prefer minimal or no cervical/internal exams. Do not break my water.
  • I do not want any students/apprentices in the room during my labor or the birth. I prefer to limit hospital personnel to only those necessary.


  • I want to be free to push in any position that I choose.
  • I want to push when I want or feel the urge to push; no directed pushing (unless I ask).
  • I want hot compress or comparable care to my perineum.
  • I want to avoid vaccum or forceps assisted delivery.
  • I do not want an episiotomy.

Immediately following birth:

  • I want immediate skin-to-skin contact.
  • I want to see and keep my placenta.
  • I want Jr.Stac to be the one that announces the sex.
  • Jr.Stac will cut the cord, but only after it has stopped pulsing (!).
  • I do not want the baby to go to the nursery during my stay. All newborn exams must take place as close as possible to me.
  • I do not want the baby bathed or given pacifiers, formula, or sugar water
  • I do not want eye cream applied or the HepB vaccine given

In case of a cesarean section:

  • I would like my CNM to scrub in as “first nurse.”
  • I would like my husband and mother there. She can stay with me while dad goes w/baby.
  • Following birth, the baby should immediately be skin-to-skin with Jr.Stac.
  • I want to be with baby as soon as possible to start nursing.
  • All other requests in “immediately following birth” section apply.

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