24 weeks!

Ever since becoming pregnant I have been looking forward to the 24 week benchmark. In my mind, even though it’s entirely too early to have a baby, at this point at least the little one has a chance to live should he or she come into this world. Needless to say, when yesterday arrived I was a happy mama. Baby is kicking tons and wiggling around in there. Jr. Stac has gotten a few “high fives” from inside my womb. It’s pretty awesome.

I feel great besides when I have episodes of mild sciatica in my left butt cheek. Going to the chiropractor next week to get that straightened out.  I now have sleeping “equipment” like a wedge for under my belly and a weird S shaped pillow. Getting in comfortable positions is somewhat of a challenge but for the most part I am still getting good sleep.

We started Bradley childbirth class last week and I’ve been doing yoga for the past four. I love the times during the week that we can just devote to this baby and pregnancy. It feels good to focus on that stuff in an otherwise hectic life.

I’ve got to make big decisions over the next few weeks: will I get the flu shot? will I get the prenatal Rhogam shot? I am thinking yes and no respectively, but will keep you updated. I also must.buy.maternity.clothes. The weather shifted to fall rather abruptly and I don’t have much that fits. Here’s why:

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