The cutest little house there ever was

And it’s ours!

So far we are loving every minute of homeownership. Even this one. Oy.

Not only is the house our style and the perfect place to raise our little clan, it also has some awesome vibes living throughout. The people we bought it from are eerily similar to us. She is a Bradley natural childbirth educator and went to the same college as Jr. Stac and I, they boasted a framed Obama poster in their kitchen and a gay pride flag hanging from the side of the house, AND they had two homebirths! Ya’ll, we have a placenta in our back yard…how cool is that?

We met them at closing for the first time and really liked them, so we signed up to take her childbirth class starting in September. I think she is someone I really want to get to know not only because she seems cool as hell but also because she has three little kids and probably could give lots of good advice to a soon-to-be mom like me. Not sure if they practice Attachment Parenting but I really think so. She was babywearing and nursing in public. My type of mom :)

So anyways, we just did the big move this past weekend with lots of help from my parents. It went smoothly and we are 90% unpacked already. We also got the master, nursery, and family room painted to make it even more “us.” Next up is buying some new pieces of furniture and rugs. My goal is to have the whole place perfectly ready by week 38. I’ll post interior pics as the rooms become more decorated.

One thought on “The cutest little house there ever was

  1. The house is absolute adorable….as is your belly! I’m so excited to e-meet this babe.

    Congrats to you guys on the new home and starting an amazing little family!

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