Halfway done!

Tomorrow I am 20 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I feel so so lucky that I got pregnant with this little baby after only my second round of Clomid. I am also feeling so lucky that my pregnancy has been uneventful–no morning sickness, baby has looked 100% healthy in every prenatal midwife appointment, and I have been living life completely normally except for the lack of bud light limes this summer :)

Jr. Stac and I just moved in new house that WE OWN (I’ll post pics soon) and this entire past weekend we just kept looking at each other saying how happy we are. I don’t want it to end. Everything just seems so perfect, too perfect. But alas, I must keep the good thoughts in and bad thoughts out. Happy thoughts grow happy babies!

Inside this 20 week belly is a very happy and sometimes wiggly baby.

With 20-22 weeks left to go, I am looking forward to feeling the baby move more and for the day when Jr. Stac can feel it from the outside. I am looking forward to getting things ready for the little one, wearing cute fall maternity clothes, picking out our baby names, and enjoying the holidays with family and a big ole baby bump.

Things on the agenda this week–pedicure today, acupuncture tomorrow, and ultrasound(!) on Wednesday. Thank goodness for lunch breaks.

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