Say Yes to the Dress

Okay, so, kinda embarassed to admit this but, I like love TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.” First, let me explain. I actually tried explaining this to Jr.Stac last night and it hardly made any sense, but here’s me trying to figure out my own personality.

I don’t know ANYTHING about fashion. I know what I like and what looks good on me and don’t care if it’s from Old Navy, Marshall’s, Nordstroms, or the quite adorable store across the street, Smak Parlor. So, really, there’s no way I could ever be a bridal consultant. 


Like, that just seems so fun. Getting paid to help women try on the most fun, probably by far the most expensive, and hopefully, the most important dress of their lives(!?!) You get to make thing happen all day long. Moms crying…bride’s childhood dreams of being a princess coming true…placing that veil on and hearing all the oooos and aaaahs. That, I think, would be a pretty fun job.

So while I was daydreaming about a new career in “bridal” recently, a new intern started where I work full-time as a fundraiser. Let me just say, she is pretty wild, but great. She is an anarchist! (I don’t know too much about anarchy, but I probably won’t be messing with her any time soon.)

Anywaaays, the new intern, in addition to knowing a lot about scents, also marries people. 

I would also LOVE.TO.DO.THAT.

I start googling how to get hired as a bridal consultant and get liscenced to marry people in PA and then realize, omg, what am I doing? I know nothing about bridal couture and would be a blabbering mess marrying people. I practically hacked out a lung at my own wedding. not pretty. Also, I am trying to become a DONA-certified birth doula and still live a pretty laid-back life (we like to just relax, and hang out, and drink heady beers, and talk, and just be).

But, what these personal interests tell me is that I must be the type of person who really likes being involed in the most intimate part of people’s lives, huh? I mean, bridal dress shopping, birth! actually marrying them!?! hahaha.. Maybe I should consider a new career as a life coach…wait, are those for real? really, they are?  hmmm….

So, yes, I like “Say Yes to the Dress.” I DVR it every week. I haaaate it when the consultant brings them dresses over their budget. I always tell Jr. Stac, “I would never to that!” I would always be so cool, so chill and be like, “$1,200? No problem” and bring them sick dresses they love.

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