In the Spirit of V-day I Present, “Will you be my Wife?”

On this day of loooove, I thought I would share the poem Jr. Stac wrote and read to me when he proposed on August 31, 2008. It’s a little story about how we met and fell in love, so it’s fitting for today.

Lish, We met over five years ago, in a southern state
Oblivious to the future and a little thing called “fate”
Our story began as a kiss on dimly lit stairs
The two of us 18 year-olds had very few cares

Half of the year went by after a fling
Winter set in, and then along came Spring
We got to know eachother, in a dorm called Gooch
But we made it official in a College Delly booth

And from that day forward, we would build our nest
We could fart in front of each other, per your request
A few weeks later, I returned to the dorm
Everything was kosher and appeared to look the norm

But you had thrown my stuff, including my toothbrush, to the ground
You were screaming at me, and it was a deafening sound
But as if a light had come down from up above
I knew right then I had to express to you my love

On hearing this notion, you were taken by surprise
You said you loved me too and you looked into my eyes.
On this idea, through the next year we coasted,
And on the crim dell, I made a sign that boasted.

Our next big adventure was to a land down under,
That was three years ago, and it really makes you wonder
Where the time goes, when great memories are made
If someone had offered, we probably would have stayed

But to stay would have been to ignore something grand,
The love of our families in this familiar land
Because if we had stayed and extended the timeline further,
We would not have had the joy of trying In and Out Burger

Back in the country in wintertime, we had some fun,
In a little unit called Winterplace C101.
And I could not comprehend, what my eyes were seeing,
As my girlfriend for the first time, tried her hand at skiing

Winter melted into spring, and spring into summer,
We had one more year of freedom left, and that was a bummer
But you went to Prague, while I studied for a test,
And our last year in school, we vowed to make it our best

Senior year brought in great shock and great awe,
As somehow I got accepted into schools of law
Where would we go? Where was our fate?
We decided to move to the Sunshine State

But after a few weeks, and some contemplative drinking,
We came to the conclusion we had no idea what we were thinking.
That light shone down once more from above,
And we would now change course for the city of brotherly love.

In a few months time, we rang the Wren Building Bell,
And to the caf and green leafe we bid farewell,
We headed up north, to the land that was fair,
And rented a shabby apartment in Rittenhouse square.

Truly, we were happy in the highest degree,
Even though 1826 Spruce had horrible A/C
In the fall I cracked the books, and started learning the rules,
And you got a job, defending students’ rights at schools.

And somewhere in all of this, we got in the mood,
To get a little tiny dog, and add one to our brood
He jumped and licked and he gave us all he had,
Because you were his Mom and I was his Dad.

Now there is one more with whom we can play,
As we sleep during a rainstorm or have a lazy day,
Truly, on the weekends, no problems can arise,
As long as there is you, our dog, and your eyes.

“How could it get better?” To myself I would say,
We say I love you a thousand times a day
We’re in a great place, and have a great pet,
But things just aren’t as good as they can be—at least not just yet.

As we are growing older, and life gets more and more real,
We should symbolize our love with an eternal seal,
Our love cannot be summed up; nor can it be compared to any thing,
But there’s one thing that’s close—it is this ring.

And as I offer to put this ring around your finger,
There is one question that still does linger

Will you be my wife, for the rest of our little life?

Isn’t he so freaking cute? I tearily excepting his offer and a year later I tearily read to him some pretty important words…

To all the couples out there, who cares if this is a stupid made up holiday? Just have fun, pinch your cutie’s cute butt, give lots of kisses, and don’t start fights. For everyone who is single, eff Valentine’s Day! It’s a stupid made up holiday.

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