My First Post

Wooo hooo! Oh! This is fun. I have wanted to blog for so long but just never thought I actually would start one, so it’s exciting that I just bit the bullet, said “what the hell?” and here I am!

I always went on facebook, g-chatted, and sat around for hours watching videos on Youtube, but it wasn’t until I started my work as a birth doula and went seeking a community of birth enthusiasts recently, that I really felt the power of social media. It’s what introduced me to so many different women, blogs, stories, resources, and my new love, twitter, zomg.

Having no “irl” friends interested in birth or my doula work–or god forbid, ttc soon cough, cough–I needed to connect with other like-minded birth-happy people over the Internet. And I am so happy I did! I’ve learned so much about labor support, I’ve read so many awesome stories, and I’ve had plenty of laugh-out-loud-alone-at-my-computer-reading-funny-blogs-during-my-lunch-moments. I’ve been inspired to join in.

I can’t promise being really entertaining, but I can promise adorable pictures of my pets, ideas about birth from a doula’s perspective, and life observations from a left-leaning new-ish wife whose uterus is starting to wiggle –it’s seeing all those beautiful births, god damnit!

Here’s to blogging…:)

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