Poem for Welcoming Baby

I read this a long time ago and forgot about it until now. I couldn’t really find a good source for it but have seen it around the interwebs from time to time. I think it’s a lovely poem to say in labor and once baby is born! This is to all my mama friends currently awaiting the arrival of their little ones…

We’ve all been waiting for you.

For you.
Your arrival has been marked, has been recorded
on earth,
in the universe,
in the galaxies,
in all of space,
in all of time.

You come with a birthright, written in love and sung
through all creation in words which promise
that no matter where you’re at,
you’re home
that no matter who you’re with,
you’re welcome
that no matter who you are,
you’re loved.


-Rita Ramsey

Letter to Evie-roo

Hey mama,

Sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. I am terrible at this! I haven’t even written one letter to your baby brother or sister yet either. I have to do that next. I just wanted you to know how much I love having you around. You are a true joy, the happiest of happy kids. When you wake up you smile and hug and kiss me and your dad and it just seems like you are so thrilled you get to live another day. Then you immediately sign for “food.”

You are REALLY good at signing. You have so many under your belt. Everyone thinks you are such a smart little girl. You know what you want and you are a great communicator even if you can’t talk yet. You also understand mostly everything people say to you. You love doing little favors like “give this to your dad” or “put this in the trash.” You do what you are asked right away and then clap congratulating yourself for a job well done. Watching you is so much fun. You are not afraid of anything. You love to explore and figure things out. You love to climb stairs and play outside.

You know how to point to your mouth, eye, ear, nose, hair, bellybutton, and feet. You can do the itsy bitsy spider, you love to dance anytime you hear any sort of music. Basically, you are the cutest, silliest, funniest little girl in the world and everyone loves you.

Your dad cried rocking you last night because he was sad you would leave us for college one day. He wants you to sloooooow down. He is a very good daddy and you and your little brother or sister are really lucky to have him.

Love you baby.


Hello B#2, WLY

This is what I wrote on your Easter egg. Short for “Hello, Baby Number Two, we love you!”

It’s true! We love you a lot and we talk about you all the time. Today, I am 19 weeks, 2 days pregnant with you. It’s been great so far. I feel awesome and I think you do too because it feels like you are one active baby in there! Bumping and wiggling and tickling me. I love it. I will be in a meeting or at the dinner table and there you go bouncing around. It’s like our little secret.

I think you are a boy. But I thought your sister was a boy too and was wrong, so really it doesn’t matter what I think. We will find out on your birthday and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think you are going to be born in the water. I keep having these images of me welcoming you myself, pulling you out and lifting you from the water. I have no fears about your birthday, at least not yet. I am feeling really confident and excited to birth you. I know when I get that first contraction though, it will all come rushing back to me! I hope we get good pictures and videos so I can show you one day. And I hope your big sister is awake so our whole family is there to greet you when you take your first breath.

Could you do me a favor? Your dad is waiting–not very patiently–for you to give him a kick. He puts his hand on my belly every night but so far, no luck. Give him a little one, will ya?

Sorry for the random babbling. I just wanted to tell you what’s on my mind and that we love you very very much, little one.

I hope you are nice and comfy in there.

love, mama