Anatomy Scan

Yesterday Jr. Stac and I went in for the 20 week ultrasound so we could see how the little one is growing. After waiting 35 minutes, our tech came out to get us and the scan got underway.

Here is me right beforehand:

She did everything very fast and was pushing pretty hard on my stomach. It was my first ultrasound so maybe this is the norm, but I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t take the time so Jr. Stac and I could see what was going on. She said she only does the scan but cannot go over any results. At one point I asked “so there’s two kidneys, right?” (My sister was born with one) and she just said “Have to ignore you. Doctor will go over all results.” I was fine with this but just eager for the doctor to come in and say everything looked good.

Our souvenir:

Isn’t it the cutest baby you’ve ever seen? :)

Little one kept poking him/herself in the head with its thumb and doing all sorts of flips. Baby measured right on time at 20 weeks, 1 day. Weight was estimated to be 13 ounces–almost a pound! All results looked normal and we are so so thankful.

What we were not thankful for is the douche bag OB that came in to go over our results. He was possibly one of the rudest people ever. Why do people become baby doctors if they are just going to hate on pregnant women? Makes no sense. Anyway, this guy walks in, doesn’t smile and says “Nothing deviated from a normal ultrasound.” Then was on his way out. Like literally he would have been in and out of the room in less than 2 minutes. I told him I had a few questions.

“Where was my placenta?” Posterior. “Is it low?” Not particularly.

“Did you check for Down’s markers? We declined genetic testing and this is the only prenatal scan I will have.” If you declined the testing, why are you interested if it has Down’s markers now? “Um, because the testing has false positives and false negatives and we knew we would be getting a scan where you could look for markers.” (I felt like saying, none of your damn business, just answer the question!) Again, nothing here deviates from a normal scan.

“Did the baby’s palate look intact?” Is that a particular concern of yours?

Zomg I am about to kill this man. So I say, “Look I need to be an advocate for myself and my baby and I have questions I would like to ask.”

After that he basically just reassured us all looked normal. He left by saying, “Since you are a Birth Center patient you should probably take a copy of the report because it might have difficulty getting there.” So you mean, you and the people you work with can’t use a fax machine? Stupid ass.

But even a mean OB could not ruin our day as we just got to see our tiny little healthy baby. Nothing beats that.


The cutest little house there ever was

And it’s ours!

So far we are loving every minute of homeownership. Even this one. Oy.

Not only is the house our style and the perfect place to raise our little clan, it also has some awesome vibes living throughout. The people we bought it from are eerily similar to us. She is a Bradley natural childbirth educator and went to the same college as Jr. Stac and I, they boasted a framed Obama poster in their kitchen and a gay pride flag hanging from the side of the house, AND they had two homebirths! Ya’ll, we have a placenta in our back yard…how cool is that?

We met them at closing for the first time and really liked them, so we signed up to take her childbirth class starting in September. I think she is someone I really want to get to know not only because she seems cool as hell but also because she has three little kids and probably could give lots of good advice to a soon-to-be mom like me. Not sure if they practice Attachment Parenting but I really think so. She was babywearing and nursing in public. My type of mom :)

So anyways, we just did the big move this past weekend with lots of help from my parents. It went smoothly and we are 90% unpacked already. We also got the master, nursery, and family room painted to make it even more “us.” Next up is buying some new pieces of furniture and rugs. My goal is to have the whole place perfectly ready by week 38. I’ll post interior pics as the rooms become more decorated.

Halfway done!

Tomorrow I am 20 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I feel so so lucky that I got pregnant with this little baby after only my second round of Clomid. I am also feeling so lucky that my pregnancy has been uneventful–no morning sickness, baby has looked 100% healthy in every prenatal midwife appointment, and I have been living life completely normally except for the lack of bud light limes this summer :)

Jr. Stac and I just moved in new house that WE OWN (I’ll post pics soon) and this entire past weekend we just kept looking at each other saying how happy we are. I don’t want it to end. Everything just seems so perfect, too perfect. But alas, I must keep the good thoughts in and bad thoughts out. Happy thoughts grow happy babies!

Inside this 20 week belly is a very happy and sometimes wiggly baby.

With 20-22 weeks left to go, I am looking forward to feeling the baby move more and for the day when Jr. Stac can feel it from the outside. I am looking forward to getting things ready for the little one, wearing cute fall maternity clothes, picking out our baby names, and enjoying the holidays with family and a big ole baby bump.

Things on the agenda this week–pedicure today, acupuncture tomorrow, and ultrasound(!) on Wednesday. Thank goodness for lunch breaks.

Choosing Homebirth

I am currently a client at the Birth Center, a place that has a huge waiting list and is a great birthing option for so many families in the community. The first birth I attended as a doula was at the Birth Center and it was a great experience for all. When we found out I was pregnant, I called right away to ensure they would have space for me. At each prenatal appointment, I have been welcomed by the nicest midwives. I felt so comfortable with all three that I’ve met with so far. They have been nothing but supportive, good listening, and informed midwives. I would love for any one of them to catch our baby.

But, and this is a big “but“– I have heard some not great things from fellow doulas and past clients of the Birth Center about one midwife in the practice. When you go into labor at TBC, you get whichever midwife is on call. There is a 1 in 6 chance I could get this midwife; after hearing about some of her medical choices and her personality I am scared for her to attend my birth. I honestly think I would not be able to birth my baby if she was the one on the other end of the line when I made the big “this is it” call. Not to mention, women have been known to regress and actually close if someone who they are not comfortable with shows up while they are laboring. I just finished Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (awesome book) where she highlights examples of this happening throughout history. So I don’t want to take my 1/6 chance.

I asked the Birth Center if they could make special arrangements for me so I would be guaranteed to get one of the five other midwives on my big day. Unfortunately, they were unable to do this so Jeff and I decided we would take our business and birth elsewhere.

The only other option in my mind is a homebirth. There is no way I would ever birth in a hospital unless in case of an emergency. The only other birth center in the area is much smaller and from reading reviews I learned there is a chance you will be sent to the hospital if they are full. So they were not an option either. After emailing and calling homebirth midwives, I picked the one I thought fit us best and Jeff and I met with her last Wednesday.

We really liked her! She is a CNM with more than 30 years experience. She shares our love for natural birth and had all her babies at home. We felt like we could be ourselves with her and her student midwife, and the fee was in our price range. We asked specific questions, and were happy with her answers. I feel like she will work so hard towards our goal of a natural birth at home, but at the same time keep my health and the baby’s health her top priority. She runs a solo practice so we know it will be her catching our baby. I think that is one of the best perks of a homebirth. The best perk of course being YOU GET TO HAVE YOUR BABY AT HOME! :)

In fact, now that I think about it more, even if there were no problems at all with the Birth Center, homebirth has always been the best option for us. It just took me a little while to get there. There is no added benefit to a birth center compared to a homebirth. There are no medicines or equipment at a center that are not also at a homebirth. The travel time to the hospital is the same. So as far as safety goes they are virtually equivalent. But there are so many better things about giving birth at home:

  • You are in your own space, the place you can be the most comfortable
  • In my case, I know the midwife who will 100% attend my birth
  • You don’t need to get in a car–either while in labor or with a baby a few hours old
  • You are the only birthing woman in your space and you hold 100% of the attention of your care providers and support team
  • You use your bed, your sheets, your food, your backyard, your kitchen, etc.
  • And the list goes on and on…(feel free to add what you think the advantages are in the comments!)

I feel so great about having a homebirth, and I know DH does too. I am not scared at all. I am actually really excited for labor. I can’t wait for my chance to have the birth I’ve always dreamed of and I think the choices I am making are the ones most likely to get me that dream birth.

I haven’t had the breakup conversation with the Birth Center yet because I am waiting until after my 20 week anatomy scan. I am really excited to see the baby and I wouldn’t want an insurance hiccup to push that back. But, I’ve made my decision and it feels great!